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Where the Fairies Go

Once upon a time in a far away land…Fairies and Unicorns used to live without fear and without enemies.  It was in a time when things seemed slower, the land seemed softer and the wind smelled sweeter.  Things were always blossoming and in full bloom year round, without harsh winters to turn the ground brown.  Birds always sang, and crickets always played their evening instruments under firefly spotlights.  This story is about one particular fairy. 

A fairy that was so beautiful and so enchanting, even the fairest maidens in the lands could not compare.  It was more than just her perfect skin and her perfect lips.  It was more than her long blond hair that fell into soft curls down her back.  It was her kindness and her  innocent spirit that enlightened the forest and kept the trees in sway and the bees in hum.  For Willow, she seemed to kiss every creature she met and feed every part of the forest that she touched.  

Willow had only one secret.  One secret that has never been whispered to the human world.  For once known, she knew the humans would try to capture it and all would be lost.  Including Willow.  For as long as he roamed the forest with her, she would remain safe and the forest would continue to grow.  Without her secret, she and the forest would be lost forever.  

And now, she feared the worst.  She feared that the humans had finally learned about her secret.  She feared that the humans had finally learned about something she had kept secret for 200 years.  The last unicorn.  

Willow led her dear friend down the forest path and took him to her forest knoll.   This spot was lush with toadstools and pixie pears, berries and honey cakes.  Perfect for keeping her unicorn happy with plenty of food to eat and safe from the human world.

While preparing a delicious feast over the fire, 

Willow glanced around and realized, in her hustle and bustle of preparing the foods, her beloved unicorn had vanished!  She called out over and over to him-hoping he would hear her.  

Willow spoke to the butterflies and asked if they had seen her unicorn .  

Minutes turned into months within a blink of an eye.  Willow sat saddened by her loss.  Without the unicorn, she, along with many of her forest friends would be gone forever.  Like so many species before her- extinct.  For you see, without the unicorn, magic would be lost forever.  And, without magic, fairies do not exist.  Fairies have fairy dust.  Fairy dust comes from the horn on a unicorn.  Without the unicorn and his magic horn, her fairy dust would be gone and all the magic with it.  

Finally, after 40 days of darkness, and as the forest began to dry up and wither, the sun finally broke through and with it, appeared her unicorn.   Willow was so happy to be reunited once again.  She immediately got busy preparing the forest once again to its full glory.   It seems that her unicorn did get trapped in the human world, but the love of a human child helped to set him free.   Willow prepared a magic fortress around the forest, and with it, sealed in the magic forever; only to exist in bedtime stories and folklore. 

Have you ever seen a unicorn?  If you have, you may have been kissed by a kind fairy.  A fairy named Willow.

Daughter of Darkness

When the daughter of Death,  Morrigan, stole her father’s horse, Binky, and rode off into war, she never thought she would make it back home. 

After losing her horse in battle,

and being enslaved by the Pumpkin King, Morrigan had given up hope.   She was trapped and put to work in the pumpkin patch for weeks. 

One day,  Binky finally returned.  He had found her and come to her rescue!

Morrigan and Binky travelled for days and days.   When they finally returned home, they were greated by her father, Death…

…where he restored her crown…


Morrigan took her rightful place in the Underworld.

Alice down the Rabbit Hole

Inspired from the original 1865 children’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, join us as we follow ‘Alice’ in her very own Wonderland Adventures.  Without doubt, it should be noted that ‘Alice’s’ parents worked for months planning costume, props and setting up locations.   A childhood dream come true!

AUTHOR NOTE:  There are 37 images in this post.  If you have issues loading or seeing all the images, you may have to click refresh on this page browser to allow to fully load.  (Especially if your internet is as slow as mine.)


While attending a rather boring adult garden party, Alice is deep in thought when she catches a flash of white in the corner of her eye.  What was that?   She spots it again.  Was that a rabbit?  She watches as it skitters down the dark forest path.  It was rather dark down there.  Should she risk following him to to see where he is going in such an awful hurry?  She decides to follow.

Keeping a very watchful eye on her dark surroundings, Alice follows deeper and deeper into the forest.  Gaining on the rabbit, she could swear she heard someone mumble something.  As she gets closer, she discovers the rabbit has gentleman’s attire on.   Is she imagining this?   Could a rabbit possibly have gentleman’s attire on?   She is just about upon this peculiar looking rabbit.  She hears mumbling again.  Is it possible that this rabbit said something?How could she possibly have just understood him?  What was he late for?


This very odd fellow was indeed mumbling to himself.  He was late?  For what?  Suddenly she sees some signs on a tree.  Funny, she had never seen these here before.   Would one of these signs point to where the rabbit was going?  

Alice gets closer and realizes he is about to go down a rather large rabbit hole.  Oh no!  She would never find out what this rabbit was late for if he pops down there.   

Alice watches as the rabbit jumps down the rabbit hole.  In one quick decision, she decides to jump in after him.  


Alice falls down the rabbit hole and finds herself upon  a door with a small table beside it and a strange little bottle with the words “Drink Me”.

Alice decides to take a small sip…


Continuing on her journey to find where the rabbit has gone, Alice comes upon the Cheshire Cat.  He directs her to the March Hare’s house.  Could the rabbit be going to a tea party?  He was all dressed up…


Alice joins the March hare, the Hatter and the Dormouse for a tea Party.   (And FINALLY catches up to that rabbit!)

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