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Alice down the Rabbit Hole

Inspired from the original 1865 children’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, join us as we follow ‘Alice’ in her very own Wonderland Adventures.  Without doubt, it should be noted that ‘Alice’s’ parents worked for months planning costume, props and setting up locations.   A childhood dream come true!

AUTHOR NOTE:  There are 37 images in this post.  If you have issues loading or seeing all the images, you may have to click refresh on this page browser to allow to fully load.  (Especially if your internet is as slow as mine.)


While attending a rather boring adult garden party, Alice is deep in thought when she catches a flash of white in the corner of her eye.  What was that?   She spots it again.  Was that a rabbit?  She watches as it skitters down the dark forest path.  It was rather dark down there.  Should she risk following him to to see where he is going in such an awful hurry?  She decides to follow.

Keeping a very watchful eye on her dark surroundings, Alice follows deeper and deeper into the forest.  Gaining on the rabbit, she could swear she heard someone mumble something.  As she gets closer, she discovers the rabbit has gentleman’s attire on.   Is she imagining this?   Could a rabbit possibly have gentleman’s attire on?   She is just about upon this peculiar looking rabbit.  She hears mumbling again.  Is it possible that this rabbit said something?How could she possibly have just understood him?  What was he late for?


This very odd fellow was indeed mumbling to himself.  He was late?  For what?  Suddenly she sees some signs on a tree.  Funny, she had never seen these here before.   Would one of these signs point to where the rabbit was going?  

Alice gets closer and realizes he is about to go down a rather large rabbit hole.  Oh no!  She would never find out what this rabbit was late for if he pops down there.   

Alice watches as the rabbit jumps down the rabbit hole.  In one quick decision, she decides to jump in after him.  


Alice falls down the rabbit hole and finds herself upon  a door with a small table beside it and a strange little bottle with the words “Drink Me”.

Alice decides to take a small sip…


Continuing on her journey to find where the rabbit has gone, Alice comes upon the Cheshire Cat.  He directs her to the March Hare’s house.  Could the rabbit be going to a tea party?  He was all dressed up…


Alice joins the March hare, the Hatter and the Dormouse for a tea Party.   (And FINALLY catches up to that rabbit!)

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