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Taming the Beasts on the Safari

This photography session set all new fun levels for Equine Photography.  This little Safari Tour Guide was a joy to work with and behind the scenes, her Mommy dedicated a lot of time and preparation to make this shoot extra special and unique.  We won’t forget to thank Romeo (our Zebra) and our Lion.  (No animals were harmed during filming).  Follow along with these fun pictures to watch as our Safari Tour Guide tames the beasts during her Safari travels.   We couldn’t share this without the little story to go with it.  Sets off some great Blog Fun!

The  skilled Guide spots a young Lion male in the grasslands…

Armed with animal behaviour training and years of study in social lion groups and bonding, the Guide is able to closely interact with the Lion and gain his trust.   The Guide has tamed the beast!

With the young lion subdued, the Guide continues her tour into the Savanna.   What is this?!  She has spotted a zebra!  Upon a closer look, it looks to be a rare Grevy’s Zebra!

The Guide visits the rare beast for several days, learning his habits, including grazing patterns and that he can survive up to five days without water.  

Also known as the Imperial Zebra, the Grevy’s zebras are the largest of the zebra species.  Other zebra species form long-lasting herds.  This Grevy’s zebra seems to not be as herd bound and appears to live alone.  The trained Guide is intrigued and seems to have formed a new bond with this lone zebra.

The Guide continues her research as well as educational tours.  Pictured here in 2020 with the lone Grevy’s zebra, fondly named Romeo, during one of her expeditions. 

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